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5 Questions To Produce Powerful Video Testimonials

As business environments get increasingly competitive in most luxury real estate services or home product sectors today, customer acquisition has become not only harder and more expensive than ever before. To keep costs in check and continue maximizing revenues, you need to place a focus on your existing customer base to help you out. They would love to if you just ask (or we can). Utilizing this valuable resource to find new customers is all the rage in video production today.

The reality is, consumers put a high-level of trust in testimonials and customer reviews when determining whether or not to use your services or purchase your products. And nothing does it better than videos or branding documentaries. Testimonials recorded in a video format are a critical source for converting new leads into new business and profits. Like a well-crafted marketing strategy, customer reviews rely heavily on storytelling. People love to give their opinions, look at the success of TripAdvisor. Here are 5-questions you can ask customers to draw out persuasive, compelling referral content.

1. Mr. Customer, When You Purchased The Service/Product, What Problems Or Solutions Were You Trying To Solve?

The goal here is to have your clients build a strong narrative around their core needs and the key elements that were missing from their lives or business before partnering with your company. The information your customers divulge will allow prospective clients facing the same challenges to connect with your business on an emotional level, as the unbiased testimonial will speak to their own needs or desires. As you collect and evaluate customer responses, you can leverage this information to devise strategic marketing campaigns and videos that address specific pain points. You can then effectively use email marketing, revamp your website copy or branding films and create effective messaging that highlight the key issues that potential clients are facing, or even what things they are enjoying because of doing business with you.

2. What Features Or Benefits Of Our Service/Product Led You To Us?

This is an opportunity to uncover the key elements that led your customer to choose you over your competition. By asking this fairly straight forward question, we typically discover some significant selling points we have yet to consider and infuse this knowledge into your marketing and sales strategy, and of course video testimonial.

Whether your client discusses your service offerings, comprehensive product line, seamless implementation process, or world-class customer service, highlighting what sets you apart from the competition is an invaluable way to persuade your prospects to take action. Some similar questions you can ask customers is, “What was it about our service/product that convinced you we were the ideal solution or best option for you?”

3. After Using Our Service/Product, What Did You Discover?

This is a necessary follow-up to ask clientele after revealing their hesitations. It primarily showcases whether or not the customer’s initial delay was warranted and gives prospects a detailed account of why the decision to purchase your product/services was beneficial. By asking these ‘before’ and ‘after’ questions, you can construct a valuable story, using evidence provided by real people, to demonstrate how common fears and concerns are quickly dissolved. It also provides your team with case studies and sales language you can use to address prospect objections and hesitations.

4. What Specific Benefits Have You Experienced From Using Our Service/Product?

There is a multitude of variations of this question, all of which can be extremely effective in drawing out some emotional keys. You can pose questions like, “What specifically did you like or enjoy best about using our service or product?” Regardless of how you frame questions, the objective is always the same: assemble detailed, tangible evidence of the value your product or service delivered.

5. Please Tell Me About The Feature(s) You Find The Most Appealing Or Enjoy The Most When Using Our Service/Product?

Once again, you are asking your customer to provide you with concrete evidence of why a prospective client should use your service/product. They usually sing here about how they feel, typically passion about doing business with you or enjoying the product or service you provided comes out. By requesting specific details, it keeps your customer from generalizing and using terms like ‘it’s great.’ Instead, you are promoting your client to dig deeper and explain what about your company is so great, easy to work with, professional, the best at what they do.


In today’s digital world, social media, reviews, and testimonials are the same as traditional old school word-of-mouth referrals but with more powerful delivery platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. According to a recent study by BrightLocal, almost 90% of people said they trust online testimonials, even from strangers. The nice thing about video testimonials, you are able to capture sincerity and emotions so the viewer can establish a connection, something print can’t do.

Prospective customers can form a more authentic connection with a testimonial when they can visibly see your client attest to your services/products. It’s a genuine and sincere way to show potential clients how your businesses product or service is benefiting the other individuals/companies with the same needs and challenges.

Lastly, according to our friends at HubSpot, video content is 40x more likely to receive engagement and get shared online versus any other form of content…that is a connection that will pay dividends for a long time.

And the good news is most of your customers will feel good about helping you out.

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