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7 Reasons Why Videos are Best in Social Media and Email Marketing

If you are in real estate, you, of course, use beautiful images when advertising and showcasing your luxury homes and properties. While this may have worked well in the past, standard photography is not enough anymore, for many luxury real estate brokers, video is becoming the new standard in effective and engaging real estate marketing. Video production and short docu-films are now essential for holding your audiences’ attention and showcasing eye-catching details that can only be truly appreciated by the senses in a video format.

You may wonder where you most effectively utilize these videos, the simple answer is: social media and email. Here are 11 reasons why you should be now using video for luxury or unique properties, specifically its use in social media and email to boost your brand and sales.

1. Videos add an interactive element to your ads.

Through video production, you are able to tell a story. You can take hold of all of your viewers’ senses, guiding them through a bright and spacious living room or up a breath-taking grand staircase. This is bound to entice someone scrolling through endless, repetitive images on Instagram or your website.

2. Clients can trust videos.

With Photoshop’s advances in photo manipulation and mass internet scams, it is hard for people to trust the average image they see online today. We all see enhanced or fake images everyday now. Videos show the full picture, and incorporating them into your social media and email advertisements will build a rapport with your target audience.

3. New technology and skilled videographers reveal details unable to be seen in images.

Utilizing new technology, such as drones, will give your audience a new perspective and bigger picture of your homes or properties. Along with technology, using a skilled cinemaphotographer ensures that your video quality and rhetorical messages are fit for your audience while providing your business with credibility.

4. Other sellers are not taking advantage of video.

Many real estate agents are not taking advantage of video… but this is to your advantage. When you produce professional videos, you are setting yourself apart from your competition. The average visit to a website without any videos is merely 50 seconds, but by using video that number more than quadruples to 5-minutes when adding video. Oh, just a note, your sellers, will love the fact you cared enough to invest in a video to market their property.

5. Adding videos and docu-films to your website triples your chance of a Page 1 ranking in a Google search.

A custom-made, personalized video will exponentially increase SEO, and therefore, your chances of landing on Page 1 of a potential client’s Google search. According to SimplyMeasured, consumers are 1200% more likely to click on a video result rather than one that is purely textual.

6. Landing pages with videos have about 800% more conversion.

Having an effective landing page is essential when sending out mass emails. As you can tell from this statistic, whether or not you incorporate video will dramatically affect your conversion rate… by 800%, in fact (SimplyMeasured).

7. Videos are shared 1200% more times than texts and links combined.

Videos are shared 1200% more times than texts and links combined.
Another statistic from SimplyMeasured emphasizes the importance of videos when people are looking to share. Think about it, would you rather share an image or a short sexy video of a home. This is incredibly important for your social media accounts. Facebook is now one of the largest platforms for video aside from YouTube, and the site has made it very easy for you to upload and share your own videos.

The evidence is now overwhelming; real estate videos are effective, and here to stay…for good reason.

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