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5 Questions To Produce Powerful Video Testimonials

As business environments get increasingly competitive in most luxury real estate services or home product sectors today, customer acquisition has become not only harder and more expensive than ever before. To keep costs in check and continue maximizing revenues, you need to place a focus on your existing customer base to help you out. They […]
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7 Reasons Why Videos are Best in Social Media and Email Marketing

If you are in real estate, you, of course, use beautiful images when advertising and showcasing your luxury homes and properties. While this may have worked well in the past, standard photography is not enough anymore, for many luxury real estate brokers, video is becoming the new standard in effective and engaging real estate marketing. […]
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Video is a Gold Mine for SEO

We all know Video Marketing is where the most powerful marketing and branding come from in today’s market place. But did you know it will increase your search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions too…sometimes dramatically.  YouTube, now owned by Google, as you may know, is the second-largest search engine (second to Google). […]
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Video Marketing for Luxury Real Estate – The Stats are In

Luxury real estate videos are more than a filmed version of your overall marketing plan. It is a highly specialized media avenue that is now the most powerful marketing tool for both small business and big business.  There is a distinct art to making sure your short film or video attracts, connects and inspires your […]

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