If a Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words…then Video is Priceless.

Top Luxury Brokers, Developers and Builders are just now beginning to understand the power of video and film to brand and sell. Video can capture their homes, properties, products and services in a way that creates intrigue, desire by taking imagery to a whole new level. 

For successful real estate brokers, developers and builders, video and short films have now become the most popular and effective marketing method to connect with luxury buyers. No other medium can showcase a home or product and demonstrate its value and uniqueness better than moving pictures. 

In the real estate, using professionally produced videos to market yourself, your listings and services is still practically an untapped market. Good news for those who get the power of film.  Only 15% of real estate agents use YouTube or have a YouTube account. Yet the second largest search engine on the planet is YouTube? And we all know the stats on people using search engines to get information or research what to buy and from whom. 

Our Creative team, Cinematographers and Producers bring experience and creativity to each project no matter how big, or small. And distribution is now much easier and powerful via websites, mobile and social media. A great film can seduce viewers and inspire action…that’s what we can deliver for you. 

It’s time to position yourself and listings online using videos to attract new clients. Your audience is out there – waiting for you to draw them in.

Let’s talk today about what the power of video and film can do for you. Click here and lets connect.

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