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Video is a Gold Mine for SEO

We all know Video Marketing is where the most powerful marketing and branding come from in today’s market place. But did you know it will increase your search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions too…sometimes dramatically. 

YouTube, now owned by Google, as you may know, is the second-largest search engine (second to Google). So that means a properly tagged and distributed video can work wonders for your SEO since Google is the million-pound Guerilla in the search-engine space. 

It was in January 1996, when Bill Gates published an essay titled ‘Content is King’. That also once again confirms he’s a pretty smart guy and seeing where content is today with regards to websites and SEO, you wouldn’t be wrong in calling Bill Gates brilliant.  But he couldn’t have foreseen the kind of content that would now begin to dominate the world-wide web – Video Content. 

It’s a fact in today’s media world: People are more inclined to watch a video versus reading anything much over a paragraph. Now you’ll see videos on top of Page 1 on Google for most searches. This is because brands are now focusing on video content, and so they are more likely to be popular as more and more people watch videos.

Why are videos so popular now, and will be forever?  Answer: It allows for a deeper emotional connection to the message. 

A marketing video is very accessible, easy to consume and engages the audience’s attention for longer periods of time. If designed, produced and shot professionally, a video contains much more information than text and images that would fit in an entire chapter of a book. It conveys emotions, actions and can explain concepts and idea very easily. No wonder videos have a 45% higher click-through rate vs. text and higher conversions on top of that…leading to higher ROI than any other form of media today and will be forever. 

From the standpoint of SEO, all the above makes video super important for your real estate or home business. The longer your visitor sessions on your site or “hangtime” is, the better your chances at getting search engines like Google to see the value of your video content and the trustworthiness of the webpage — and, ultimately helping you rank with the big boys vs. the blackhole known as Page 2 and beyond.

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